e-Yantra invites you to be a part of e-Yantra Ideas Competition (eYIC-2019).

You may invite Idea Proposals from following Domains from your college. Please register the coordinators.

Register for e-Yantra Ideas Competition (eYIC-2019)

If your college is an eLSI College and not in the dropdown list above, please write to us at eyic@e-yantra.org

e-Yantra organizes e-Yantra Ideas Competetition

The Coordinator must:
  • Publicize eYIC-2019 in your college. You may download the Poster by clicking on Download eYIC-2019 Poster button.
  • Call for Idea Proposals from any year students in all the departments of your college for eYIC-2019
  • Based on the e-Yantra evaluation template, Finalize upto 4 projects
  • Register these projects on the online portal

Subsequently, the Coordinator will be CC’ed on all communications that e-Yantra has with the participating teams.

The Coordinator will be the single point of contact for all conversations related to eYIC-2019.


To nominate the Primary/Secondary Coordinator/s other than listed in the dropdown above, you can enter the details below:

Domains for eYIC-2019

  1. Agriculture
  2. Defence
  3. Energy Conservation
  4. Healthcare Services
  5. Home/Industrial Automation
  6. Rescue Operations
  7. Smart City Services
  8. Space Exploration

Schedule for eYIC-2019

1. What is eYIC?

eYIC stands for e-Yantra Ideas Competition, a competition to encourage innovative projects from robotics labs set up through the e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI), in colleges across the country.

2. What are the aims of eYIC?

  • To ensure sustained use of the robotics labs set up through the e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI).
  • To encourage innovative ideas from students in eLSI colleges across the country.
  • To provide a platform for teams to showcase their projects.
  • To nurture BE projects in Embedded Systems and Robotics at the eLSI colleges.

3. What is the structure of eYIC?

Finals of e-Yantra Ideas Competition (eYIC-2019) will be held at IIT Bombay.

The Participating College has to be an eLSI college

Stage 1:
  • Student Team from Any Year submits a proposal – an idea -- for a project as per the given Idea Proposal Format from the following domains:
    1. Agriculture.
    2. Defence.
    3. Energy Conservation.
    4. Healthcare Services.
    5. Home/Industrial Automation.
    6. Rescue Operations.
    7. Smart City Services.
    8. Space Exploration.
  • Each college can solicit project proposals from all the departments and internally choose 4 best proposals. To help them choose the projects, an evaluation template will be provided by e-Yantra.
  • e-Yantra defines the deadline for uploading up to 4 Idea Proposals.
  • The Coordinator registers the 4 selected projects on the eYIC portal. He/She enters the Mentor details and Project title.
  • e-Yantra evaluates the project Proposals and selects the teams for Stage-2.
Stage 2:
  • Selected Teams implement their proposed idea.
  • Each team submits a video of the working demonstration of the idea through a video link.
  • e-Yantra evaluates the submitted video and shortlists the teams for Regional Finals to be held at various regional coordinating college.
  • e-Yantra selects Regional coordinating colleges for hosting Regional Finals.
  • Selected teams showcase their ideas in the Regional Finals.
  • All teams participating in Regional Finals will be awarded letter of participation and cash prizes.
  • Judges evaluate the teams at Regional Finals and selected teams move to Stage-3.
Stage 3:
  • Selected Teams from Regional Finals come to IIT Bombay for National Finals and showcase their working prototype in an exhibition during the e-Yantra Symposium (eYS-2019).
  • Each team member of selected team will be provided sleeper class train fare, boarding and lodging.
  • Exhibited projects will be judged by a panel of judges.
  • Winning entries will be awarded exciting prizes, merit certificates.
  • From all the team members of finalist teams, individuals will get an opporutinity to be chosen for Internship/Jobs with e-Yantra through a process during the national finals.

Regional Finals:   February - 2019*
National Finals:   March - April, 2019*
*These dates are tentative; subject to changes, if neccessary.

4. What are the guidelines for eYIC?

  • Teams should consist of 3 or 4 student members mentored by one teacher. Team members may belong to different disciplines and from any year but same college.
  • One mentor can guide up to Two projects only. One student can be part of One team only.
  • The project must belong to any one of the domains as mentioned in Domains of eYIC-2019 .
  • Teams are required to use any processing board available in the eLSI labs. (Firebird V, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard and Arduino). More details will be provided along with the Idea Proposal Format.